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Maintenance is a Key Service for Marker Realty

We know that moving into a new home is actually quite stressful. There’s so much to do and to organise. Getting all your utilities connected, planning and scheduling a moving service, packing, then moving in, there’s a lot to do just in that process. When you finally get your new home, or your new investment property, there’s a list of items to be fixed, maintained, renovated, checked and looked after for you to keep that beautiful home (and your capital growth) in sturdy condition.

As a local resident with an extensive network and plenty of experience, we offer tried and tested trades and adjunct services to assist you to make the change as quickly and easily as possible. In being your real estate agent there no mark of trust in giving you the keys and walking away to leave you wondering who to get help from or what to do in a fix. We ensure quality solutions to service your property establishment and maintenance needs.

Utility Connections

ACN is a provider with one HUGE difference, they are dedicated to giving you great products and better service. Marker Realty along with their ACN partner Mavkho take of you and get you started. Gas, electricity, phone, internet, NBN, mobile and more.

Home Improvements

It’s rare that you move into your dream house and find that absolutely nothing needs doing. It might be just some small adjustments here and there, or something more major.

Whether it is painting, room alterations, bathroom or kitchen renovations, landscaping or just making the alfresco into an additional usable space, there are great solutions. We are here to assist you in finding the best fit.

Have you ever had trouble with tradesmen?

We hope that you’ve never experienced this frustration, but many have told us that it happens. Tradesmen can be tricky to get hold of, may vary their work from their quote and end up over time and budget. Sometimes the work isn’t up to standard. Over the last few years, we have developed great relationships with local suppliers in every area of home improvement and service, so if you need something done, we can give you peace of mind by recommending a reliable, reasonable solution to your needs.

Just call or email us today with your need and we will get back to you very soon.